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Informamos a Comunidade que se encontra ativo a partir de hoje, o trial de seis títulos da Science, até 27 de Setembro de 2019.


Mais informações sobre a Science:

  • Science has been at the centre of important scientific discoveries since its inception in 1880, thanks to initial funding from Thomas Edison. Today, Science continues to publish the best in scientific research, across all disciplines, with articles consistently ranked among the most cited in the world; [Brochura em português]
  • Science Signaling helps readers better understand the underlying mechanisms of physiological and pathological processes in organisms of all kingdoms; [Brochura em português]
  • Science Translational Medicine includes medicine, engineering and science to promote human health by translating research between the lab and bedside patients and vice versa; [Brochura em português]
  • Science Immunology introduces readers to the latest immunological research, uniquely including clinical research in humans; [Brochura em português]
  • Science Robotics uncovers how robotics is used in scientific research, medical devices and industry [Brochura em português]
  • Science Advances is our open access multidisciplinary journal, publishing impactful research papers and reviews in any area of science, in both disciplinary-specific and broad, interdisciplinary areas.


Segundo a Clarivate, no seu Journal Impact Factors (JIF), estes títulos obtiveram o seguinte fator de impacto:


Journal Impact Factor




Science Signaling


Science Translational Medicine


Science Advances


Science Immunology


Science Robotics



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